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rAlblaz - Recombinant Human Serum Albumin (rHSA)

Human Serum Albumin (HSA) is widely used for various biopharmaceutical applications such as reagents, diagnostics, and other excipient grades. However, historically the end-use application of conventional HSA implicated many challenges: Low purity, Inconsistent quality, Lethal viral infections, Short supply.

To overcome these challenges, Lazuline has come up with Recombinant Human Serum (rHSA) – rAlblaz manufactured using the most advanced Pichia Pastoris Protein Expression System. Making rAlblaz highly preferred choice due to highly pure, animal-origin free, consistent batch efficacy, and no endotoxins.

Animal-Origin Free

To safeguard the activity and effect of the final therapeutic, it is crucial to avoid any viral or other animal-associated contaminants. rHSA offers the perfect alternative to blood-derived HSA, as rHSA is Animal-origin free. This ensures the optimal use and maximum effect of rAlblaz in biopharmaceutical applications.

Completed Animal Toxicology Studies

Our recombinant human serum albumin marketed under the brand name rAlblaz demonstrates robust performance in animal toxicology studies. The product has been successfully tested in various cell lines for characterization and effectiveness. It is approved by reputed institutions and large global organizations for end-use.

Highly Pure and Endotoxin Free

To provide high-grade biotherapeutics in the market, our rHSA is manufactured in a highly sterile environment using high-grade chromatography techniques. Our rHSA exhibits protein high purity > 99% and bacterial endotoxin test with a value of NMT 1EU/ml demonstrating high purity and endotoxin-free features.

Batch to Batch Consistency

With the efforts of experienced scientists, we have built an innovative process to deliver a highly consistent product in the market. Our extremely effective in ensuring consistency in maintaining similar quality specifications for all batches of rHSA.


rEK (Recombinant Enterokinase)

Mostly the existing Enterokinase face challenges of low purity, endotoxins, and batch to batch variations. To overcome these challenges and provide the best to the biotechnological market, we have come up with recombinant Enterokinase (rEK) manufactured using the most advanced Pichia Pastoris Protein Expression System.

Specific Cleavage
Enterokinase is a protease that acts in a precise manner by hydrolyzing the bonds between specific residues or a specific sequence of amino acid residues within a protein or peptide. Our recombinant Enterokinase (rEK) recognizes the sequence Asp-Asp-Asp-Asp-Lys and cleaves the peptide bond after the lysine residue in a targeted manner. The highly specific cleavage activity of rEK increases the productivity of the experiment and reduces any false-positive results.

Animal-Origin Free
Lazuline offers a recombinant version of Enterokinase which is manufactured using a complex yeast expression system. This makes the resultant protein highly pure and animal-origin free. It is the perfect alternative to existing proteases due to high efficacy and free of any contaminants.

Batch to Batch Consistency
Delivering highly consistent product in the market is the need of the hour. Lazuline value this and with the help of highly experienced scientists have devised own innovative techniques to avoid batch to batch inconsistency across the products. Our recombinant Enterokinase shows consistency across all the batches and is tested resourcefully to ensure that the product meets all necessary specifications.

Highly Pure
Lazuline’s recombinant Enterokinase is manufactured in a highly sterile environment using established scientific procedures. To provide high-quality biotherapeutics in the market, the target protein/ peptide is purified using high-grade chromatography techniques.



Leveraging on our strength of bringing innovative solutions through the application of core biotechnology techniques; Lazuline meets the urgent need of antigens for HIV, HCV, HBV.

Antigens are of key importance due to their high-end applications in various diagnostic kits and purification methods. This highlights the need for the high-grade antigen to steadfast the process that makes therapeutic procedures quality driven. Our antigens offer high specificity – the key features which make them the most preferred choice in the industry.

High Specificity

One of the most crucial properties that determine the quality of antigen is its specificity towards the binding site to initiate the response. The high specificity of the antigens allows effective binding of the epitope to the target region giving better results. On the other hand, antigens with low specificity may give you false-positive results.

Great Affinity

The affinity of an antigen is the strength with which it binds to the binding site, initiating the response. Stronger the affinity of antigen better will be the response, while low affinity may induce a weak response. All our antigens for HCV, HIV & HBs have great affinity making them best in the market for diagnostic kits and other research.

Highly Pure

Antigens are widely used in diagnostic kits and other biotechnological applications. The purity of antigen is paramount in these applications to get robust results. At Lazuline, we use high-end chromatography techniques and other purification methods to deliver the best in the market.


Lazuline takes pride in offering the highest quality antigens known for exhibiting great stability over a broad range of temperatures. Supported by extensive research, development & validation, our antigens deliver high performance even in extreme conditions to an extent.

Ready to supply Antigens for HCV, HIV, HBs