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"Making lives better"

Founded in 2011, Lazuline is a research-driven biotechnology company focused on developing innovative biotherapeutics products in India.
With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, headquartered at Hyderabad (India), we are among the key players across the globe involved in the production of rHSA, as well as HIV, HCV, HbsAg antigens and enzymes.

Our Objective

We accelerate innovation of superior quality biosimilars to accomplish our vision of "Making Lives Better"

Robust Technology

High Affordability

Supply Readiness

Safety & Reliability
Our Manufacturing Unit

Lazuline pilot plant & manufacturing unit is the facility that is strategic for the development of high-end biosimilars.

Our manufacturing plant located in Hyderabad was opened in 2019 and is now a key part of the company’s Manufacturing Strategy.

We understand the importance of exceeding future requirements and developing products for healthcare & biopharma industries and aspire to expedite the supply to meet our customer's huge demand.

The great growling engine of Lazuline quality products is our robust core technologies

Recombinant DNA Technology

Offers high specificity, purity and safer products in comparison to the conventional methods

Pichia Pastoris Expression System

Efficient protein folding, post translation modification, Endotoxin & virus free

Advanced Purification systems

Stability and efficacy analysis

Product pipeline

With our core competencies in genetic engineering & protein expression/purification technologies, we believe to change paradigm with our products in the pipeline that includes, interferon 1beta, Chymosin, Calcitonin, Glucagon, Para Thyroid Hormone and Hepatitis C Vaccine

Our Team